Eighteen-year-old Leah Sullivan lost both her brother and her betrothed on the same battlefield of war. Left a spinster, the dutiful daughter cares for her parents while eking out survival on their farm in Georgia after the South’s surrender.
     When handsome war veteran Marcus Quinn comes calling to deliver the last words of Leah’s brother, sparks fly between the mysterious soldier and lonely young woman. To Leah’s delight, Marcus accepts her father’s offer to remain, as a hired hand.
     Leah does not share with Marcus what haunts her—she sought a fertility hoodoo conjuring for her mother from the evil Kali Despierre. Will the babe be born cursed? Her fears seem realized when Elijah is born “behind the veil,” a caulbearer who will be looked upon with suspicion.
     Hearing of Elijah’s strange birth, Kali believes she conjured a special voodoo babe and kidnaps him. She heads to New Orleans, certain the Queen of Voodoo, Marie Laveau, will pay gold for him. The Queen is said to sacrifice infants to the voodoo gods on the Day of the Dead, only weeks away.
     Determined not to lose her brother to the voodoo underworld, Leah sets out to rescue him with Marcus at her side. Their risky journey deepens their attraction, especially while sleeping under the stars only inches apart and surrounded by peril.
     However, through a cruel twist of fate, Leah discovers the devastating secret Marcus has been hiding about his past. Is their love strong enough to overcome the dangerous conjurings of both Marcus’s revelation and Kali’s evil? Or will their love die, along with Elijah?

Winner 2015 SCBWI Magazine Merit Award in Fiction ("The Sign of the Cat" published November 2014 Highlights Magazine)

​​Finalist 2014 Georgia Romance Writers Maggies for Romance with  Suspense Elements (Treacherous Hearts)

​​​Finalist 2016 Utah Chapter RWA  Great Beginnings Contest  Romantic Suspense (Murder at Second Sight)



​​​Winner  2014 Writers League of Texas  Manuscript Contest - Middle Grade (From Cradle to Grave)

     When she’s not wearing her story-telling hat as Anne Armistead, historical romance author, she’s Sandra Havriluk, middle school English teacher, children’s writer, wife, mom of two grown daughters and a rescue mutt named Jackpot.

     She earned her English literature degree from the University of Georgia  and her MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University and is a member of the Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Romance Writers of America (RWA) and the Georgia Writers of Romance (GRW), and the National and Georgia Sisters in Crime (SinC) organization. 

     She remembers the old-fashioned days before computers, iPhones, and air-conditioning, which may be why historical fiction is her favorite genre. However, she’s not complaining about technology, for without the internet, she’d be living in the stacks of the library. In the words of this Southern woman, bless its little heart.
      As a child, she actually looked forward to her doctor and dentist appointments because she loved to read the Highlights for Children magazines always in the waiting rooms. Seeing her own stories published in this magazine is a childhood dream come true. 

    Her love of storytelling came naturally from her daddy, who loved spinning tales of his growing up in the South. She cherishes a collection of his hats,which she believes brings her a touch of his storytelling magic.
     Dangerous Conjurings is her debut historical romance novel. Under the title Treacherous Hearts, it was the winner of the 2014 YA Fab 5 Wisconsin Romance Contest.

CONTEST RESULTS  writing as  Sandra Havriluk 

Finalist 2014 Linda Howard Award of Excellent, Historical (Treacherous Hearts)

Finalist 2016 The Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense (Murder at Second Sight)

Finalist 2015 Orange Rose Contest

2nd place - YA (Hide the False Heart)

Finalist 2015 The Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense, Single Title (Hide the False Heart)

Sandra offers consulting services as a writing coach, editor, and grammar tutor, as well as ghost writing.

Contact her to discuss her professional writing services.

​​Finalist 2015 YARWA Rosemary Contest - New Adult (Hide the False Heart)

​​​Winner 2014 YA Fab 5 Wisconsin Romance(Treacherous Hearts)

Anne Armistead


With their hearts racing for each other, Leah Sullivan and Civil War veteran Marcus Quinn race toward New Orleans to rescue her brother from the voodoo underworld of Queen Marie Laveau.

coming 2018 

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